Substructure insulating profile

Floor recesses for doors and floor-to-ceiling elements make high demands on substructure insulating profiles. These are met with CF eco.


Pre-wall installation

The Klima Konform System 2.0 enables the window units to be installed directly in the insulation layer. Fixings without thermal bridges wall are therefore possible.


Windowsill connection insulation profile

COMPACFOAM FBA profiles replace conventional PVC windowsill connection insulation profiles. The optimum lambda value of COMPACFOAM results in windows with a lower U-value without thermal bridges.


PVC Frame extension

The frame extensions of CF eco PVC for windows reduce the heat loss caused by local thermal bridges. They are also easy to install and extremely water tight under driving rain. They markedly improve air and water tightness through counter-profiling at critical spots.


General installation in external wall insulation systems (EIFS)

COMPACFOAM enables installation in the insulation layer without thermal bridges.


Awning assembly without thermal bridges

Increasing façade insulation thicknesses require new solutions for the attachment of awnings, since existing fixing systems usually function only up to an insulation thickness of 160 mm. At the same time, assembly must be simple and without thermal bridges. The innovative assembly block CF 200 meets these high demands.