The material


The material

A modern material which consists of pure EPS.

It combines strength with outstanding thermal insulation and a very low weight. It is both a flexibly usable construction element and a high-grade insulation material. This combination means that COMPACFOAM is extremely versatile.

Our panels, bars, profile bars, cubes and blockware have a comparatively low weight. This facilitates handling. They can also be easily screwed, drilled, sawn, calibrated and milled with conventional woodworking machines.

The ductile property enables the material to compensate for unevenness of the contact surface without any damage. COMPACFOAM is resistant to frost and moisture. This prevents swelling and shrinkage and makes the material rot-proof, resistant to ageing and non-degradable.

The product range extends from standard panels to parts fabricated to customer specification.

COMPACFOAM is recycleable, non-mixed and meets all the requirements for sustainable, environmentally friendly construction. Our products are listed at the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). COMPACFOAM opens up new approaches to solutions in modern construction as a result of its properties.

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Compacfoam ECO

The recycled material


We can recycle 100 percent of COMPACFOAM waste by means of a newly developed process called particle technology. CF eco, the result of this process, offers the same excellent properties as COMPACFOAM: high strength with outstanding thermal insulation.

Customers can return non-mixed waste to the manufacturer. This makes COMPACFOAM eco an extremely sustainable product. In addition, the customer incurs none of the usual disposal costs.

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