CF ECO Construction insulation material standard plate 2350x1160mm thickness 30-110mm


Large-scale construction insulation material for self-cutting:

Dimensions 2350×1160 mm

Plate thickness 30-110mm

Special thicknesses from 1o pcs on request.

hobel calibrated +- 0.3mm



Large-scale construction insulation material for self-cutting:

COMPACFOAM is perfect for the following applications:

  • Pre-walled montages
  • Window sill insulation profiles
  • Substructure insulation profiles
  • Frame widening
  • Insulation core for door fillings and window edge
  • Montages in the insulating plain
  • Thermal bridge-free awning assembly
  • Folding and sliding shutter assembly
  • Thermal separations of facade systems & in steel construction
  • Panel edge reinforcement
  • Fahrzeugbau

CFeco meets all the requirements for a construction material: a patented process makes it hard, stable and light at the same time. It is easy to saw and process. The material impresses with its high strength with excellent thermal insulation.

CFeco can be used wherever a moisture-resistant construction material is sought, but wood materials are not a solution.


100 recycling, 100 pure variety, 100 quality

The starting material of CFeco is EPS residues from packaging and blending, of which large quantities are generated daily. As a result, the material is always available and economical. As a pure, recyclable upcycling product, CFeco stands for a modern material for the future. Because environmental protection means keeping in circulation instead of disposing of it.

We produce propellants – and adhesive-free, without hazardous additives or fossil fuels. This does not prevent harmful outgassing. CFeco is insensitive to climate influences, but still open to diffusion and breathable.



Additional information

Weight 20.44 kg
Dimensions 2350 × 1160 × 60 cm

Individually, Range